Meet World Cup Coffee’s Barista: Jordyn

locally roasted Portland coffeAt World Cup Coffee, we’re proud to offer fresh, locally roasted Portland coffee, but that’s just a glimpse into our story. We’re extremely proud of our World Cup Coffee employees and staff who roast the beans, serve coffee to our loyal customers, meet with local businesses, and deliver our fresh roasts throughout the Portland Metro area.

In the spirit of getting to know each other better, we’re giving you an inside peek into the story behind World Cup Coffee and the amazing staff who serve you each day. Next time you’re in one of our cafes, or receiving a coffee delivery, say Hi and introduce yourself!

Meet Jordyn: World Cup Coffee Barista Extraordinaire

Jordyn has been slinging lattes and Americanos for two years at WCC while she’s working hard at finishing her Bachelor’s at Western Washington University.

We asked Jordyn what makes her excited to come to work each day. She quickly told us she loves coffee and interacting with the fun, unique people who walk through our doors each day.

Jordyn values an authentic coffee experience which starts with quality in a cup. She recognizes the importance of water filtration, adjusting the grind based on the beverage, and applying just the right amount of pressure when tamping the espresso. A great cup of coffee starts with fresh roasted beans, but the process from beans to cup requires knowledge and skill to make sure each customer receives a delicious cup of coffee.

We asked Jordyn if she receives regular questions from customers. Turns out, if Jordyn had a dollar for each time someone asked, “What’s the Wi-Fi password?”, she’d be rich! FYI, there is no password

Jordyn enjoys the familiar faces and customer smiles each day which make working at WCC feel like a family. This may or may not be related to the fact that Mark, our Office Coffee Sales Manager, is her Dad.

When Jordyn isn’t meticulously crafting your morning cup of Joe, she enjoys traveling, sports, working out. Next time you see Jordyn behind the espresso machine, say Hello!

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