Why Savvy Companies Use Office Coffee Service in Portland

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? If you’re like 83% of Americans who are fueled by coffee, you may stumble to the coffee pot to begin your morning routine. If you don’t make coffee at home, your first stop on the way to work is the closest coffee shop where the barista knows you by name. Sound familiar?

Without office coffee service in Portland, your employees may have a similar routine. They rush to work after a brief stop at the local coffee shop, or they escape mid-morning or mid-afternoon for a refill to energize their day. You may be surprised at the benefits your company receives by offering gourmet coffee as a free perk in your office. The following are a few reasons employers like you are offering free coffee in their break rooms.

Office Coffee Service in Portland

1. Employees Are Asking for It

Today, companies are offering more and more perks and incentives to join their team including free snacks, bike parking, and even nap rooms. Coffee is a basic, inexpensive perk that employees are asking for and many expect as a standard office feature.

2. It Reduces Lapses in Productivity

Each time an employee walks away from their desk and out to the door to a coffee shop, they lose focus. Free coffee helps employers wrangle productivity in their office by providing everything an employee needs in the break room. When an employee walks down the hall to refill their cup and catch up with a coworker, they’re still maintaining productivity. The second they leave the office they face external distractions resulting in longer lapses in productivity when they return.

3. It’s Turnkey – Supplies Show Up When You Need Them

Office coffee service in Portland makes it simple and easy for businesses to offer free coffee. No more mid-week trips to Costco for coffee beans, milk, and supplies. Coffee delivery services bring fresh roasted coffee and supplies to your office on a schedule that works for you. You’ll never be concerned about overstocking, and you’ll never be embarrassed about running out of coffee when an important client drops by.

4. It Energizes Employees at All Hours

Not all businesses work 9-5 which means employees need access to fresh coffee any time of day. 24/7 coffee service is ideal for accounting firms during the busy seasons, attorney firms when long evenings are required, or tech companies providing around-the-clock customer service. Anytime employees need a jolt to keep going, they can head to the break room for fresh coffee on demand with single serve coffee makers. 

5. It Saves You from Buying and Maintaining Commercial Coffee Equipment

Commercial brewers, single serve coffee makers, and commercial espresso machines are a huge investment. Office coffee service in Portland provides the machines as a rental and maintains the machines if they break. This means you’ll have dedicated individuals on-call to maintain your equipment.

6. It’s an Affordable Way to Boost Morale

Office coffee service is one of the most affordable perks to help boost office morale. How does free coffee boost morale? It shows employees you care and makes them feel valued. Office coffee gives employees the opportunity to connect over coffee or grab fast refills before important meetings. This affordable service goes a long way to improving employee happiness and team morale.

Are you interested in learning more about office coffee service in Portland? At World Cup Coffee, we offer high-tech commercial coffee equipment and deliver fresh, locally roasted coffee on schedule. Get in touch to learn more about our services.

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