What’s in Your Office Break Room? 7 Must-Haves For Every Successful Office

What’s in Your Office Break Room? 7 Must-Haves For Every Successful Office

Company break rooms are a sacred space designated for employees to take a mental and physical break from the daily grind. Though a break room may be overlooked, thought and planning should go into making this space comfortable and inviting for employees to gather and press pause on a busy work day. Upgrades don’t have to cost a fortune, but having a few essentials in your break room could increase productivity and satisfaction in your employees. So, what’s in your break room? Here are seven must-haves.

Office Break Room1. Keep Hydrated with Filtered Water

In Portland, we’re lucky to have access to great water. But this can become compromised in office buildings with multiple floors. When construction takes place on floors above you, debris can get into the water lines creating a foul, dirty taste. Everfy office should offer access to filtered water machines for employees to stay hydrated with fresh, clean water throughout the day.

2. Fuel Up with Great Coffee

Office Break Room

There’s nothing like coming into work greeted by a fresh cup of locally roasted coffee. With single cup or industrial size coffee equipment, your employees will have access to a jolt of energy any time of day. Don’t forget the extras like cream, sugar, cups, and stir sticks. Or, bring a full-service coffee shop to your office with an espresso machine for Americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, and more.

Office Break Room3. Spice Things Up with Fountain Sodas

Water and coffee are a great place to start, by why not spice things up with fountain sodas for employees? Rather than hitting the vending machine or leaving the office to grab an afternoon drink, provide self-serve fountain sodas for employees to enjoy throughout the day.

4. Relax with Comfortable Seating

Office Break Room

Though hard chairs are typical, these aren’t comfortable and don’t promote relaxation. A great break room should have comfortable chairs to sit and relax. Go the extra mile and pay extra for comfortable seating for employees to congregate, eat lunch, or play games. Comfortable furniture encourages true relaxation as employees take a mind break from their work day.

5. Stay Healthy with Fresh Snacks

Encourage health and wellness in your employees by providing access to fresh fruit, veggies, energy bars, nuts, and yogurt. The generous act of providing food for employees to fuel their day is appreciated and valued by many. It keeps energy levels higher throughout the day and encourages healthy living as it curbs their hunger.

6. Team Build with Games

Office Break Room

Encourage employees to interact with each other on breaks by providing card games or board games in your break room. Games help employees unwind and reduce stress which aids in productivity later. Don’t be surprised if you hear playful or competitive exclamations coming from the break room. By giving your employees space to be playful during the day, it facilitates team building with coworkers.

7. Have a Reason to Celebrate

Who doesn’t love a good celebration? Break rooms should be a fun place to relax and celebrate. Use this space to celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, retirements, or create your own celebrations!

With a little planning, your office break room can be a comfortable place for employees to relax and enjoy a break mid-day. Don’t be surprised when productivity and satisfaction levels raise by providing these break room extras.

Do you need filtered water, fresh roasted coffee, or fountain drinks for your break room? We can provide these services and more. Contact us to get started today.

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