Sales and Route Drive Job Description

Job Description

Position Title: Sales/Route Drive

Basic Function

The basic function of the Sales/Route Driver is to provide the necessary organization, coordination and control to meet the objectives of World Cup Coffee & Tea Service, Inc.  World Cup’s objective is to create customer loyalty by providing a service to its customers of unexpected quality.  The employee is expected to provide a quality & safe working environment, consistent sales volumes, display knowledge on merchandise, equipment carried, and maintain good customer relationships.

The position is full time and is defined as an individual with direct customer contact in the Portland Metropolitan area with responsibilities and duties in the field and inside the warehouse.  The working days will be Monday through Friday with a start time of 7:30 AM and a finish at 4:00 PM.  Required rest and lunch breaks will be taken at employee’s daily discretion.

Reporting Relationships

Reports To: Route Manager & President

Positions That Report to Sales/Route Driver


  1. The Sales/Route Driver has the authority to sell and give credit for existing merchandise sold by World Cup Coffee & Tea Service, Inc.
  2. To perform scheduled and needed maintenance on equipment.


  1. The Route/Sales Driver is responsible for the adequate control, protection and use of the assets of World Cup Coffee & Tea Service, Inc.
  2. Reporting all issues of significant concern to President and/or Manager.
  3. Is responsible for maintaining a clean and safe working environment.
  4. Is responsible for maintaining quantity and controls consistent with the desires of the customer base.
  5. Is responsible for filling in time for absent staff.
  6. Assist in training and education of new staff.
  7. Maintain good grooming standards, and neatly pressed appearal.

Principle Duties:

  1. Fill and stock delivery truck for entire days route delivery.
  2. Making all scheduled route stops on scheduled days.
  3. Enforcing policies and procedures agreed to and set by President and/or Manager.
  4. Set and establish quantity of product for each specific account.  Working with account contact when necessary.
  5. Request feedback from account contact and suggest optional products and services.
  6. Submit orders of product to Roaster in a timely manner.
  7. Maintains open communications and harmonious working relationships with all employees, but especially those employees involved in a direct working relationship.
  8. Perform other duties as may be prescribed, from time to time, by President and/or Manager.
  9. Perform responsibilities and duties in a timely manner.
  10. Perform additional janitorial warehouse duties of stocking product, cleaning airpots and glass pots and other equipment.
  11. Check and maintain vital fluids and tire pressure on delivery truck. 
  12. Maintain route cards by legible writing and accurate inventory and delivery quantities.  Maintain accurate account information of equipment and contact information.
  13. Solicit suggestions and request assistance with problem accounts and customers.
  14. For men no earrings or visible tattoos.  Clothes should be pressed and shoes appropriated for the duties.

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