Quality In A Cup

What a great game! Yes, our NW team fell on what will be the most questionable call of history. Still it was a fantastic day of quality football.

You’d think the following Monday would be quite depressing with our overcast skies and falling rain, but I found this in my inbox today.

User Submitted Values:
Name: Aileen
Email: dxxxxxxxxxh@verizon.net

Message: On a recent trip from LA, I had an iced mocha in your Powell’s Books store location. My mother and I thought it was the best mocha we’d ever had. It tasted like coffee first, not overwhelmingly sweet chocolate. Now that I’m home in LA, and she’s home in Spokane, we’d like to order the beans used for the mocha; I don’t see an espresso blend, so I’m wondering if you used French Roast to make the mochas. Could you let me know so I can order the beans? THanks in advance… we really enjoyed our coffee in your cafe!

That is a great way to start the week. Thanks Aileen for the email and we are glad you had a great drink at our Powell’s cafe. Great place to meet in between Spokane and LA.

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