Meet Your Office Coffee Delivery Driver: Steve

World Cup Coffee Office Coffee Driver

Meet Your Office Coffee Delivery Driver: Steve

At World Cup Coffee, we’re proud to offer fresh, locally roasted Portland coffee, but that’s just part of the story. We’re extremely proud of our World Cup Coffee employees and staff who roast the beans, serve coffee in our cafes, meet with local businesses for office coffee services, and deliver our fresh roasts throughout the Portland Metro area.

The next two weeks we want to give you an inside peek into the story behind World Cup Coffee and the amazing staff who serve you. Next time you’re in one of our cafes, or receiving a coffee delivery, feel free to say hi and introduce yourself!

Meet Steve: Your Office Coffee Delivery Guy

You’ll find Steve driving the roads of Portland dropping off office coffee deliveries and supplies to local businesses. Steve has been a valued employee at World Cup Coffee for nine years. If you asked him why the heck he’d stick around in the coffee industry for this long, he’d tell you right away it’s because of the people. And he believes in the product and service he’s providing.

Steve builds trust with our customers on a daily basis by ensuring their coffee is always delivered fresh and by being diligent in the delivery rotation. Each time an office receives a delivery, Steve stops to check the water filtration system to make sure each customer has clean water to brew their coffee. He understands clean water makes all the difference in brewing a perfect cup.

Steve is known for his attention to detail, taking great care of our customers, and building relationships with everyone with whom he comes in contact. Customers often ask Steve about the different varieties of World Cup Coffee’s and which one is the best. Though he’ll probably tell you they’re all great – his personal favorite WCC coffee beverage is Columbia Supremo drip coffee.

When Steve is not busy delivering coffee, he’s outside fishing or hunting. You’ll also find him kicking back and cheering for his favorite teams – the Rams, Dallas Cowboys, and Notre Dame. Next time you see Steve, introduce yourself and say Hi!


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