Locally Owned Coffee Roaster Serving Businesses in Portland

Locally Owned Coffee Roaster Serving Businesses in Portland

At World Cup Coffee, we’re proud to offer locally roasted artisan coffees for offices in Portland. As Portland businesses expand and grow, offering professional coffee service to employees and guests is becoming a popular and necessary office perk. There’s nothing that says, “Welcome to work,” or “Welcome to our office,” better than fresh, locally roasted coffee straight from the heart of the city.

If you’re a local business in Portland, see how shopping local for artisan coffees for offices in Portland could benefit your industry.

Office Coffee Service for Architect Firms

Coffee Roaster Serving Businesses in Portland

Architects are the planners of the city. Before new hospitals, office buildings, hotels, or new homes come into existence, Portland architects create a plan. Architect firms in Portland are filled with not only architects but support staff and guests. Office coffee service for architect firms is the winning ticket to keep busy Portland architects fueled in the office and on their way to appointments.

Office Coffee Service for Manufacturers

Coffee Roaster Serving Businesses in Portland

Local Portland manufacturers are busy at work producing electronics, steel, wood products, machinery, transportation equipment, and more. With some manufacturers running crews 24/7, what better way to keep production crews energized and ready to start or finish their shift than with fresh artisan coffees brewed around the clock. Work crews love it and with local 24-hour customer service you have access to fast responses for troubleshooting or repairs day or night.

Office Coffee Service for Law Offices

Coffee Roaster Serving Businesses in Portland

At law offices in Portland, work hours aren’t limited to 9-5. Offering fresh coffee in the morning, afternoon, and into the evening will keep attorneys and staff fueled and energized as they prepare for difficult cases. Save your attorneys and staff time from morning, afternoon, or evening coffee runs by providing quality brewed coffee and teas in-house.

Office Coffee Service for Technology Firms

Coffee Roaster Serving Businesses in Portland

As the technology industry is booming in Portland, tech-savvy firms are piling on the perks for employees. Free bike parking, snack bars, soda machines, nap rooms, and office coffee service are becoming the new norms in this industry. Need single cup coffee makers or full-service espresso machines? We can cover all your coffee needs no matter how simple or extravagant. Free locally roasted coffee to energize tech employees may be just the incentive they need to program, build, create, and innovate.

Office Coffee Service for Insurance Offices

Coffee Roaster Serving Businesses in Portland

As an insurance provider, your employees create a plan to protect individuals or businesses when they need it most. Office coffee service supports the hard work of your employees by providing energy to start their busy days. When clients arrive to talk about their insurance needs, show them hospitality with locally roasted Portland coffee in your office. It’s the little things that show a client you care.

For artisan coffees for offices in Portland, give us a call at World Cup Coffee. Not only do we provide great coffee for Portland businesses, we offer around the clock service and support for all your office coffee and tea needs.

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