How to Grind Your Coffee for Different Coffee Makers

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How to Grind Your Coffee for Different Coffee Makers

Did you know pre-ground coffee steals away from the freshness and flavor you were meant to experience in your morning cup? Maybe you did. And maybe that’s why you’re curious about the tips and tricks to grinding fresh coffee beans for your coffee maker.

The hard part is knowing how to grind your coffee beans for each different coffee maker on the market. Do you enjoy a morning routine of regular drip coffee? Or are you a coffee rebel who branches out to french press or engages your inner hipster with Chemex-brewed coffee?

However you prefer brewing your morning cup, we’ll dive into the different coffee grinds and how to make sure you’re grinding them to perfection.

coffee makersExtra Coarse Grounds

Ideal For: Cold Brew

If you’re a cold brew fanatic, the courser the grounds the better for this delicious beverage. Whether you use a Toddy or conventional recipe methods, you can have cold brew concentrate brewed to the perfect level.

Popular Burr grinders allow you to set the perfect grind, but blade grinders require critical timing. Extra course grinds are finished in about five seconds.

Coarse Grounds

Ideal For: French Press and Cupping

Coarse grounds are a notch down from extra coarse, but they still have small chunks of coffee beans perfect for your home french press or cupping techniques used in tastings. This grind ensures you’ll experience high levels of body and flavor from your roast.

Medium-Coarse Grounds

Ideal For: Chemex or Cafe Solo Brewing

If you want a clean, rich taste to your coffee compared to rich french press coffees, Chemex or cafe solo brewing methods will do the trick. For these coffee makers you’ll want medium-coarse grinds to experience the same richness of a french press, but with a cleaner, smoother taste.

Medium Grounds

Ideal For: Drip Coffee Makers

If you’re using a regular drip coffee maker in your home or office, medium-sized grounds are the way to go. This is the typical grind you’ll find in store bought coffees, but you’ll taste the difference when you grind fresh roasted beans each morning. Select the medium setting or grind your beans for approximately 10-15 seconds.

Medium-Fine Grounds

Ideal For: Vacuum Pots or Pourover Cones

Maybe you don’t use a vacuum coffee maker every day at home, but if you do, you want your coffee grounds to be right between medium and fine. Medium-fine to be exact. The same goes for pourover coffee makers which can be placed over a mug for single serving cups.

Fine Grounds

Ideal For: Espresso

If you’re looking for a strong, intense coffee flavor for your home espresso maker, your coffee grounds should be oh-so-fine. Set your grinder to the finest setting or grind for approximately 30 seconds for espresso grounds.

Pick your coffee maker of choice and try out these grinds for your next brew. Experiment with the grind size and roasts to discover the perfect flavor.

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