How To Find The Best Coffee Equipment for Business in Portland

How To Find The Best Coffee Equipment for Business in Portland

All coffee service and equipment is equal, right? Wrong. If you find yourself heading to the break room in the morning to brew a 12-cup pot of coffee for you and your coworkers, it may be time for an upgrade.

New office coffee equipment makes programming and brewing coffee at your office easier than ever. If you’re on the hunt for the best coffee equipment for business in Portland, here are a few things you should know.

What Office Coffee Service Provides

When you choose office coffee service, you receive more than just great coffee. You get access to:

Professional Equipment: Do you want your own espresso machine? No problem. Would you prefer an instant espresso and latte maker? Your employees are going to love you. When you choose office coffee service, you receive the most advanced coffee brewing equipment on the market. Choose from espresso machines or single or double brewed coffee pots with easy touch screens. For added convenience, a hot water faucet is attached to brewing equipment for tea drinkers.

Best coffee equipment for business in PortlandFresh Roasted Coffee Beans: You can tell a great cup of coffee by the first sip. When coffee beans are hand-selected for quality and roasted locally, you’ll experience perfection in every cup. Choose a local office coffee service offering sweet, delicate roasts without bitter or acidic aftertastes.

Add-Ons: Does your office need an assortment of teas? Do you need a supply of milk, flavored creamers, and sugar packets? Great office coffee suppliers can provide these add-ons and more.

What To Look For In Great Office Coffee Service

Great office coffee service embodies these important factors:

Quality: This is Portland after all. We demand great tasting coffee! Choose a local company who believes in the same spirit of quality in every cup. You’ll taste the difference when you choose fresh, locally roasted coffee beans.

Experience: Coffee has been around for centuries and has been perfected over the last few decades. Choose an office coffee provider offering decades of experience in the industry. They’ll help select the best office coffee equipment for your break room and offer tips so your coffee is served piping hot each morning and all day.

Service: Questions and issues arise at all hours of the day. It’s important to have access to your coffee service provider when you need them. Since business occurs before and after the typical 9-5 job, use an office coffee service where you can reach a live person. If there’s an issue, you’ll want exceptional service with fast response times.

Local: Portlanders know great coffee and who better to offer office coffee service than a local coffee roaster? Shop small and shop local by using local office coffee services. They offer the experience you need combined with a passion for providing your office with the best Portland coffee.

Best coffee equipment for business in Portland

Consider Coffee Equipment Before You Build or Remodel

When choosing the best coffee equipment for business in Portland, it’s important to consider the size of the equipment before break rooms are built or remodeled. Today, office coffee pots and espresso machines are taller than early generation coffee pots. If you’re moving into a new building or remodeling your break room, your architects and builders need to plan for counter space for beverage equipment.

Don’t let this important detail get missed in your break room design. Plan for proper drainage, sufficient power, and proper counter space before finalizing plans. Work with your architect and office coffee service provider to design your break room to host your new beverage equipment.

Your company deserves the best office coffee equipment, flavorful roasts, and great service. Contact us or stop by to learn how World Cup Coffee can provide the best office coffee equipment for business in Portland.

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