How Portland Coffee Roasters Roast The Perfect Bean

portland coffee roasters

How Portland Coffee Roasters Roast The Perfect Bean

For Portland coffee roasters and coffee fanatics alike, coffee is never just a cup of coffee. For many, it’s an experience, a tradition, and a morning ritual to wake up to and start the day off right.

Great taste starts with the quality of beans and is enhanced with expert roasting techniques. Many seasoned coffee drinkers can taste the difference between a great cup of coffee and a mediocre cup of coffee. Can you?

Today we’re opening our kimono and giving you the inside scoop to discover how we ensure quality roasted coffee in every single cup.

It Starts With The Beansportland coffee roasters

Our coffee beans are processed, dried, bagged, and shipped from expert coffee farmers around the world. We choose only the best Arabica beans to invite the fullest, sweetest flavors and aromas. They are known for their quality and it’s a difference you can taste. We receive the hand-picked green coffee beans in Portland, Oregon where we begin the age-old sampling and roasting process in-house.

Coffee Cupping Technique

The coffee cupping technique has been used for decades in our Portland roasting facility. It involves placing a variety of beans in small bowls or cups to measure the quality in small batches. Sampling Cupping and sample roasting enables master roasters to decide the roast level needed to peak the flavor of each bean.

This process allows our coffee roasters to evaluate defective beans and decide the perfect mix for coffee blends. Experts view the appearance of the beans while tasting a sample roast to measure the flavor. When these samples are tested for taste, they move on to the coffee roasting process to peak their flavors.

Coffee Roasting Process

The process of heating the beans to desired perfection is a sensitive one. It requires listening to the beans to know when you hear the first crack.  Then you should check drop temperatures and time to temperature ratios.  If you’re not careful, an extra ten seconds could mean a batch of coffee will be ruined.

With over 22 years of roasting experience, we have our process down to an exact science. Our experts listen to the beans while observing their color and know the perfect time to remove them from heat. Coffee roasts and flavor can change based on the temperature and time they’re heated. Our master coffee roasters aim to find the perfect balance to enhance the flavor of the beans.

Packaged and Delivered To You

portland coffee roasters

After the beans cool, they rest for a day then they are packaged and delivered next day to local businesses offering coffee services for their employees. This ensures companies receive the freshest roasts and flavors by not sitting on a shelf for days. In turn, local employers offer their employees and guests fresh, flavorful roasts where you can taste the difference.

As local Portland coffee roasters, we love delivering you the best cup of coffee. We use our proven age-old cupping and roasting techniques to ensure quality in every cup.

If you’re a local employer interested in coffee services, we’d like to invite you to taste the difference. Give us a call or stop by our NW Glisan location to schedule a tasting tour. We’ll guide you through our cupping techniques and teach you how to taste the difference with locally roasted coffee.

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