How Locals Enjoy Coffee in Portland and Other Weird Tendencies

coffee in Portland

How Locals Enjoy Coffee in Portland and Other Weird Tendencies

Portlanders are a bit… well, unique. Some may call us “weird”, but to us, it’s totally normal to see a unicycling Darth Vader playing flaming bagpipes riding down the street. Tattoos and piercings don’t phase us, and we’ve been known to stand in a two-hour line to appeal to our cravings for ice cream or donuts.

Portland may be a bit unconventional in a lot of things, but one thing we’ve got right is our love and appreciation for a perfect cup of coffee. So, how do locals enjoy coffee in Portland compared to other fine cities? Allow us to fill you in.

Coffee Orders Are Either Simple or Intense

coffee in Portland

When someone orders coffee in Portland, you’ll likely hear a request for drip coffee or an Americano; simple and dark. Or, you may hear something a bit more long-winded such as, “I’ll have a large, skinny, three and a half pump hazelnut latte with extra foam, caramel drizzle, and two shakes of sprinkles on top.”

Some locals are particular and have their coffee order down to an exact science. Though most opt for the rich flavor of fresh roasted coffees and espressos without added flavor. The coffee is so good, it doesn’t need it!

Chain Coffee Shops Don’t Cut Itcoffee in Portland

Popular coffee chains exist in Portland, but if you visit and hang out with a local, they’ll likely take you to their favorite local coffee shop. These coffee shops offer a unique vibe, friendly people, and the freshest roasted coffee beans you’ll ever savor. When you’re in Portland, skip the mainstream coffee chains and scout out a local coffee joint.

Locals Choose Local

It’s no surprise Portlanders believe strongly in shopping local. They celebrate and support small businesses, farmer’s markets, and the local Saturday Market is filled with entrepreneurs, artists, and food carts. The same goes for coffee beans. Portlanders take pride in their city and buy the freshest products available including fresh roasted coffee beans from local roasters.

The Fresher the Better

Unlike fine wine, which is better with age, coffee beans are best consumed when they’re fresh roasted. When coffee beans sit on a truck or a shelf for days or weeks, the freshness diminishes. This means you experience less of the rich, natural flavor you were intended to receive. Savvy Portlanders can taste the difference between fresh roasted coffee and coffee which has seen better days. For this reason, many choose locally roasted coffee beans for the freshest taste in their morning brew.

coffee in PortlandLatte Art Is a Common Thing

Portland is a city full of creatives ranging from artists to musicians, engineers, and designers. Baristas bring their own creative flair to the coffee industry by topping lattes with hearts, flowers, leaves, and other intricate designs. Don’t be surprised when your barista hands you a cup of coffee that smiles back at you. You may almost feel bad to drink it, until you take that first sip. And yes, you may take a picture and Instagram it.

Portlanders Work from Coffee Shops

With multiple colleges in the city and freelancing on the rise, Portland coffee shops are filled with students, entrepreneurs, and workers fueling up while they work. What more do you need when you have coffee, food, free Wi-Fi, a comfortable seat, and the lulling buzz of espresso machines and conversation? Grab your laptop or a good book and settle in with a great cup of coffee.

Do as the locals do and enjoy coffee in Portland by stopping by either of World Cup Coffee’s two locations on NW Glisan and inside Powell’s Books. Heck, grab a book and stay a while! Ask us about our local coffee roasts and taste the freshness of true Portland coffee.

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