Coffee 101: What Makes A Perfect Cup of Coffee by your coffee experts in Portland

coffee experts in Portland

Coffee 101: What Makes A Perfect Cup of Coffee By Your Coffee Experts in Portland.

You may not realize this, but there’s a science behind making a great cup of coffee.

Leave it to you coffee experts in Portland, to know perfection starts with the steamy aroma before the cup reaches your lips. The experience only gets better after you savor your first sip.

coffee experts in PortlandYou know a great cup of coffee when you taste one. But how do they make it so good?

Allow us to tell you.

You see, it starts with green coffee beans fresh off the farm and ends with the steaming cup you hold in your hands. But there’s a lot that goes on between the farm and the friendly barista passing you your morning coffee.

From farm to hands, here’s the skinny on the process of delivering you the perfect cup of coffee.

Coffee Plants Matter

First, you should know there are two main types of coffee plants: Robusta and Arabica plants.

The difference is in the plant.

Robusta beans are known for their harsh taste and contain more caffeine than their arabica friends. More caffeine may sound like a great idea until you learn caffeine creates a bitter taste creating an unpleasant flavor. Robusta beans have double the amount of caffeine as Arabica beans and are used in economical blends and instant coffee.

The search for a quality robusta is on, but until then, we’ll continue to use the best Arabica we can source. You’ll quickly see experts in Portland

Arabica beans are premium coffee beans. You’ll know an arabica cup of coffee by it’s delicate, sweet, and smooth flavor. Arabica plants are harder to grow and account for 25% of coffee production. These beans cost more, but let’s be honest, the taste alone is worth every penny.

Coffee beans hand-picked by farmers offer the best quality. An experienced farmer can be trusted to pick only the ripest beans. This is why it’s important to know where coffee beans are farmed and the experience of the farmers who harvest them.

Locally Roasted in Portland, Oregon

Fresh coffee beans straight from the farm are processed, dried, bagged and then shipped to Portland to be roasted. Prior to roasting, the staff at World Cup Coffee cups the coffees for quality and selects the roast level to peak the flavor of each bean. This is an age-old process practiced daily at World Cup Coffee.

After the beans are heated to their desired perfection, they’re allowed to “breath.”  This process cools the beans, so they are ready to be packaged and used the next day.

When your coffee beans are roasted by coffee experts in Portland, they’re just a hop, skip and jump to your cup. This is key, because when coffee beans are roasted and sit on a shelf for days, the rich flavor diminishes.

coffee experts in Portland

Use Clean Filtered Water

Crafting a perfect cup of coffee requires two things: coffee and water. Sounds simple, right?

Luckily, in Portland we have great water, but it never hurts to use clean, filtered water for your coffee. This is especially true in office buildings where water can be infiltrated by remodeling debris from other floors.

If the water tastes “off” your coffee will lose its quality flavor. Use clean, clear water each time you brew so you’re assured of the perfect cup.

Did you realize so much goes into making you a great cup of coffee? Quality beans, experienced farmers, local roasting, and filtered water all factor into savoring your first sip.

At World Cup Coffee, we’re proud to work with experienced farmers and distributors while roasting your coffee right here in Portland. Whether you stop by our shops or enjoy our office coffee services, rest assured each batch was roasted within the last 24 hours. As coffee experts in Portland, it’s our promise to you; the perfect cup of coffee every time! 

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