5 Reasons To Splurge On Office Coffee Services For Your Employees


5 Reasons To Splurge On Office Coffee Services For Your Employees Companies everywhere are offering employee incentives to make the workplace more comfortable and inviting. Perks can range from free bike parking to flexible hours or free food. Incentives can

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New Plantation Starts

We have started our third season of growing coffee from cherries harvested from our shrub in the Glisan shop. I harvested the cherry last month and gave it to our roaster John. After harvest John went through the process of

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Quality In A Cup

What a great game! Yes, our NW team fell on what will be the most questionable call of history. Still it was a fantastic day of quality football. You’d think the following Monday would be quite depressing with our overcast

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Oregon Coffee Board

World Cup Coffee is proud to be a Founding Member of the Oregon Coffee Board. The OCB has been organized to promote all things coffee related in the great state of Oregon. While you can find some quality coffee from

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Wine Barrel Conditioned Coffee

We are pleased to announce the limited release of our 2012 Barrel Conditioned Peru Vida Alta SHB. These coffees will be available in our Glisan and Powell’s retail shops for the holiday season. Stop by and grab a bag or

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope your feast planning is going as good as it can. If it is big or small we hope your Thanksgiving is full of fun, family, friends and Love. There is much I am thankful for with family, good

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Welcome To The New World Cup Website!

It has been a long time coming but we finally have an updated website.  Much thanks goes to the quality work of two fine ladies that designed and built the site.  Thank you Carol and Tal.  We owe you so

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