A Peek into Portland Artisan Coffee Available at World Cup Coffee

Portland Artisan Coffee

At World Cup Coffee, we’re crazy about coffee. We scour the world and only buy the best Arabica coffee beans through a careful selection process. This means you’re assured of quality Portland artisan coffee in our cafes and in each pound of fresh roasted beans you take home or enjoy at the office.

We take pride in selecting quality coffee beans from farmers around the world and we promise you’ll taste the difference. Here’s a peek into Portland artisan coffee and our most popular roasts.

The Story Behind Portland Artisan Coffee

There’s an art behind roasting Portland artisan coffee and it starts with the farmers. But first, what the heck is artisan coffee? Artisan coffee means the grower took extra steps to ensure the best growing and harvesting techniques to produce a quality crop.

These sustainable farm practices respect the environment and involve meticulous selection in the harvesting, milling and drying processes. Each step is perfected to produce coffee beans with a taste to ignite your senses and rival your Grandmother’s coffee. The methods to create artisan coffee require paying a premium price to support high-quality farming methods.

Taste the Regions

Do different growing regions affect the taste of Portland artisan coffee? You bet they do. Here are a few popular coffee growing regions and the differences you’ll taste.

Central America

Coffee from Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua offer a smooth sweetness and balance with varying acidity. Their coffee beans offer a fruit-like, clean flavor.

South America

Colombia is one of the top three coffee producing countries in the world and is well-known for their coffee producing regions. Their coffee is moderate in acidity, sweet, and medium-bodied with a nutty undertone.

But let’s not forget Brazil! This country is a large producer of a wide variety of coffees. Some varieties have a nutty quality with a heavy body which is common in espresso blends. Savor the hint of chocolate or spice flavors when this coffee lingers in your mouth.


Asian coffees are mostly from the Philippines, India, and Indonesia. These beans are darker and earthier than most blends. In fact, people often love or hate them. Sumatran coffees do well with dark roasting methods which offer a smoky and toasted flavoring. They’re less acidic, complex, and at times savory.


Ethiopia is another top producer of coffee beans. Coffee lovers often consider this variety the purest of coffee beans. Grown throughout the country, their coffee offers a diverse flavor profile based on the processing method. African coffees tend to be strong, fragrant, full of body, fruity, and tropical in flavor.

Favorite World Cup Coffee Roasts

We’re proud to offer a variety of roasts and blends from around the world. Our customers often ask us, “Which roast is the best one?” And of course, we answer, “All of them!” BUT, hands down, these are our top three most popular roasts.

Brazil Magiona

Brazilian coffee is naturally a popular choice for its rich nutty and berry tones. These flavors will grab your attention before it deepens towards a chocolate flavor. This roast aims to please and our customers love it for its rich flavor.

World Cup Blend

In our World Cup Blend, we took the best parts of Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Indonesian coffees and married them into a perfect light to medium roast. Our customers love the smooth, nutty and creamy flavors with a hint of vanilla. This blend may surprise you with a bright, citrus and spicy finish.   


Our popular Guatemalan roast originates from a farm outside Guatemala City where 75% of the farm is a designated nature preserve. The beans are meticulously processed by hand using a wet process. This coffee is bright, full of spice, and doesn’t disappoint.

Give our Portland artisan coffee beans a try! Shop online or visit either of our two Portland locations. You’ll taste the World Cup Coffee difference.

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