5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Boost Employee Morale

Unmotivated, disengaged workers cost employers thousands of dollars each year in lost productivity. A study by Towers Watson found operating income improved by 19.2% within a year thanks to a highly engaged workforce. On the contrary, companies with low engagement scores noted a 32.7% decline. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Save your company time and money by engaging your employees and showing them you care.

What can be done to boost morale at your company? Free office perks show employees you care about their personal well-being. Beverages and snacks provided in the office count as full deductions making these options a great investment.

Are you interested in finding fresh ways to inspire your workforce? The following are five employee perks you can offer this year to improve morale in your office.

Offer Free Gourmet Coffee

A national survey found that the average employee spends $650 a year on coffee outside of the office. This means employees are spending nearly 38 hours away from work.

Use office coffee delivery service to fuel your office and promote productivity. Advanced commercial coffee equipment, including single-serve coffee makers, makes it easy to brew fresh coffee on demand. By offering free gourmet coffee to employees and guests, you’ll boost morale by saving them time and money. In return, you’ll save your company hours of lost productivity.

Access to Food or Snacks

Everyone loves free food. Nothing boosts employee morale quite like a fully stocked break room or weekly treats such as a donut day, pizza Fridays, or catered meals. Why? Because it shows that you care. Food gives your team the opportunity to socialize and celebrate.

Promote breaks and good relationships between employees by providing food or snacks in your office. Happy, fed employees lead to greater productivity and higher team morale. 

Motivation to Improve Their Health

A healthy workforce contributes to lower insurance claims and may result in better insurance rates. Encourage employees to improve their health by offering gym memberships or subsidies. Additional health perks can include Fitbit monitors and subsidizing enrollment fees for races or fitness challenges.

Be creative. A social, fitness environment promotes team involvement while taking steps to improve everyone’s health. Healthy employees are more focused, attentive, and creative.

Flexible Work Hours

If your business model allows for flexible hours, work with your employees to create hours that work for them and for you. Flexible hours motivate employees to complete tasks efficiently.

Generous Time Off

Rested employees are happy employees. Generous time off allows employees the time they need to play, rest, and spend quality time with their families.

How about paying for your employees to take a vacation? To keep amazing people on their team, the crew at Moz are reimbursed up to $3,000 for vacation-related expenses. Whether you offer additional paid vacation or reimbursement for vacations, this perk is sure to increase loyalty and lead to better employee morale.

Don’t wait another year. Use these perks to improve morale in your office. Start with office coffee delivery service as a free employee perk to jumpstart your office. 

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