5 Ways Office Coffee Machine Enhances Morale in the Office

5 Ways an Office Coffee Machine Improves Employee Morale

For many of us, a smooth, thick, delicious cup of coffee is the perfect pick-me-up, both first thing in the morning and throughout the day. Of course, the unmistakable invitingly warm smell that wafts through the building as it brews only improves the situation. If your office still insists on using a sub-par coffeemaker, both you and your employees are missing out. In fact, it could be bringing the entire office down. Before you find out more about office coffee services in Portland, here are five ways an amazing cup of coffee can boost employee morale.

1. It makes employees feel appreciated.

It’s the small perks that often make employees feel the most valued. A cup of coffee that provides a variety of hot beverages catering to each employee’s taste is the perfect example. As a bonus, coffee is an excellent way to acknowledge that you recognize how hard your employees are working, even if you are on a very tight budget.

 2. It creates a sense of community.

It’s not unusual for employees in today’s high-stress environments to feel bound to their desks as time flashes by for some, while at a snail’s pace for others. However, the perfect coffee station offers a much-needed break for everyone and a chance to change their mindset while interacting with others. After a quick 5-minute coffee break, employees have a clearer mind and a renewed level of enthusiasm and energy that enhances morale.

 3. It reduces stress.

Stress can completely deplete morale. Fortunately, coffee offers your hardworking employees the opportunity to take a few moments to relax and refresh. In fact, studies have shown that the pure aroma of high-quality coffee products has stress relieving effects, which is important because too much stress not only affects morale, but it diminishes productivity, absenteeism, and employee turnover rates.

 4. It encourages positivity throughout the entire office.

Let’s face it. It can be hard to keep spirits up in the office, but a well-stocked coffee spot will often do the trick. This tiny oasis offers the chance to socialize, briefly joke about a client who is a bit difficult to deal with, and even interject a little humor into an otherwise stressful day. A survey by Sirota Survey Intelligence found that employees with an excellent coffee space display a more positive attitude, which is often infectious and enhances morale.

5.  It gives your various employees a choice.

While some people are okay with a cup of lukewarm black coffee, most coffee drinkers are not. They may prefer an afternoon espresso or a different flavor throughout the day. By giving your employees more than one choice, you are demonstrating that you understand everyone is different, and no one person is more important than another. Your staff will appreciate an assortment of options, and it will show in morale.

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