4 Simple Tricks to Make Better Coffee at Home or in the Office

Did you know that the way you make your coffee can affect its taste and quality? You may be ahead of the game by using fresh, locally roasted beans, but if your coffee-making methods need help, you could be sabotaging great flavor. Improve your coffee at home or in the office by using these simple tricks.

Coffee at Home
Clean Your Coffee Pot!

Do you remember the last time you cleaned your coffee pot? Oh dear.

You may be surprised at the millions of bacteria cells present in there right now. Due to high temperatures and the unique coffee making process, coffee pots are the perfect damp breeding ground for a zoo of germs and bacteria.

It’s recommended to clean your home coffee pot at least once a week. Put detachable parts in the dishwasher and run vinegar through brewed coffee machines followed by a couple cycles of clean water to remove the vinegar.

Check manufacturer’s instructions for commercial machines and clean high-use office machines daily to reduce the spread of nasty bacteria while improving the taste of your coffee.

Coffee at Home

Use Clean, Filtered Water

We can’t complain too much about the tap water in Portland, but even Portland water has impurities that affect the taste of your coffee.

This is especially true in office buildings where you may be exposed to older pipes or debris from construction on other floors. Yikes, nobody wants that in their coffee!

Don’t let the robust flavor of high-quality coffee decline due to impure water. Use purified water systems in offices or water purifiers at home to ensure the best coffee every time. 

Coffee at Home

Opt for Fresh, Local Roasts

Just the way chips go stale or a beer goes flat (man, we hate that), coffee has a short window with peak flavor after roasting. When coffee beans or ground coffee sits on a shelf for weeks and months, the bold and intense flavors diminish.

That’s why shopping local and choosing fresh Portland coffee offers you higher quality and better flavor. The faster beans go from the roaster to your cup, the richer your coffee experience will be.

Coffee at Home

Grind Your Own Beans

When coffee beans are pre-ground and sit on a shelf for days, they lose their luster and the flavor declines. Invest in a durable grinder with multiple settings to grind the perfect grounds for your coffee brewing method of choice. Or, choose commercial single-serve coffee makers for the office that grind fresh beans for you.

We understand pre-ground coffee beans offer convenience, and sometimes they’re necessary. But for optimal flavor, grind your beans each morning and savor the freshness.

At World Cup Coffee, we’re passionate about great tasting coffee for your home and office. For the ultimate coffee experience, we offer office coffee and filtered water services with industrial brewing equipment. Shop online for fresh roasted beans, or give us a call to learn more about stocking your Portland or Vancouver office with local World Cup Coffee.

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