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World Cup Coffee

1740 NW Glisan St.
Portland, OR,
97209 USA
(503) 228-5503

Portland Coffee Roasters

World Cup Roasting began roasting in a small shop in Northwest Portland in 1993. With help from industry friends and professionals we started reading and sample roasting coffees from all over the world. First we would try a coffee from a specific country and then we would narrow our sample to a region within the country. We find coffees that best represent the regions flavors and roast them to a level that peak their flavors.

Roast Master Jill Purdy profiling beans on our drum roaster

Our mission in the beginning was to fulfill the ever growing need for coffeehouse quality in the office. The enormously positive response to our early coffees inspired us to develop a more diverse offering to our loyal customers. Our coffee is chosen based on firsthand travel to coffee growing areas in Central and South America in order to inspect the estate coffees we purchase for our customers. We want to offer the best from the growing country, assist in the development of estate coffees, continue to offer unique coffees on a limited basis, and roast them in a consistent manner to assure every roast will have an exacting result.

More than a decade later World Cup still offers great coffees from all over the world. The popularity of our coffees spawned our retail shops as public demand grew. We have gained local and national attention for our coffees, the quality we provide, and loyalty of the many customers that drink our coffees. We will continue to make advancements in sustainability for the coffee industry through education and supporting estates to further their sustainable practices.