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World Cup Coffee

1740 NW Glisan St.
Portland, OR,
97209 USA
(503) 228-5503

There is none better in the Portland Office Coffee market than World Cup Coffee.  Call Ken in our office for a free coffee party.  He will be happy to schedule a tasting of our coffees.  As a roaster we deliver the freshest specialty coffee you can brew in your office.  Our head roaster Neil cups coffees daily to ensure you are getting the best flavor from each bean.  Our route manager Michael will ensure your service transition is smooth and seemless.  Our installer Steve will take care of your office when he installs his equipment as if it was his own office.
We have all the allied products your office desires.  Teas, hot chocolate, cups & lids, an eco line of products, sugar, cream...the list is quite long.  We also can fit your needs for water (both bottle and filtered) and soda pop.
Email us via our site or call Ken and we'll be happy to have some coffee talk with you.  You and the rest of the employees in your office will thank you!

So on the last US World Cup Soccer match up the roar at the goals were so loud it set off the alarm in the building!  I'm looking forward to doing it again.  We are hoping to see you here again Wednesday morning for the US vs. Algeria.  If we win then we are in.  Stop by our 18th & Glisan shop that morning.  The coffee will be hot. 

For this month our Glisan cafe has set up a TV for watching the World Cup soccer matches in South Africa.  The games are early in the morning so what better time for a latte and pastry.  There are two easy chairs in the front and then open seating beyond.  Nothing too rowdy just good sprotsmanship.  And yes you can yell GOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL.  But only for 5 seconds.  No more no less!
See ya here.

If you haven't thought about it yet it is understandable given our weather.   Cold, rainy, blustery liquid sunshine doesn't make the average office worker think about water filtration or foutain coke or pepsi products at their desk.  Well the sun shall rise again.  The clouds will part soon and the thoughts of I need something cool to drink will enter your mind.
World Cup can fill those needs.  While I write mostly about my fun with coffee don't forget we can meet your needs for bottle water, water filtration and/or fountain syle coke, pepsi, orange, root beer...Give our sales manager Ken Howell a call at 503-228-5503 for more info.  Be prepared.

We have our new Facebook site up and running so check it out.  For those of you that follow this blog check out our FB site.  Twitter updates also if you are there also.  Coming soon to a smartphone near you will be our Foursquare fun.  Our ever evolving network will be entertaining.  We'd love to hear from you so send us a shout.


Above is a link to the FB site.  We also have a site for the roasters and for our office sales that you connect to if you want specific info there.   


We look forward to hearing from you...



As the world gets faster and faster we are getting info in various forms.  Even though our President Obama says he doesn't and has never used Facebook an an an and Twitter he still covets his Blackberry.  Former President Bush is always good for using "The Google" for his information.  After a rocky start at getting our Social Networks started we are tuning and retuning our efforts with a new page and integrating our Facebook, Twitter, and Blog feeds.  So now you'll be able to criticize my terrible spelling on more than one site.  Thanks for following our chatter in the cyber world and we look forward to hearing from you.
And by the way.  Jill & Karen are cupping some new Centrals.  I'm looking forward to getting some fresh crops in.

Recently came across a Kenyan PB that is my current favorite.  Great flavors of sweet lemon & strawberry also.  The roasters hit on Guava and I was tasting Kiwi.  Thats why you don't taste alone.  Ending notes of hazelnuts & buttered toast.  Bright acidity but not overwhelming.  I point that out because a lot of times  as a PB cools the brigtness can make you pucker.  This doesn't and i'm glad we scored two bags of it to last a while.  Exclusive for our Glisan shop.  Call Jake at Powell's if you want him to order you some for pick up at the Powell's Shop.

If you have never thought about it you should.  Your drinking water can be contaminated in many ways.  World Cup has done water filtration for a lotta years!  Our drivers monitor and change out your filters when necessary.  Many of our customers choose to have us change the filters on a regular quarterly or yearly basis.  There is a gallon rating on the filters but it depends on the quality of water flowing through.  If you are in an old building and rust is common then your filter will have a short life.  Call today if you are interested in water filtraion for your office.  Its cheaper than bottle water and we can connect it to your coffee brewer.

Our roaster Jill discovered a new coffee from Rwanda and we cupped it with Karen today.  I think its great.  Complex from start to finish.  The fragrance had notes of tomato spice and leather for me.  Up front this coffee is tart and deep with flavors of tomato soup.  I don't mean Campbell's here I mean a fresh bisque with a note of basil.  As it cooled the tartness deminshed slightly and new flavors came to life.  Try it soon in our Glisan shop at the pour over drip station.

Dan its been a long time since an entry has been posted.  We will get some new stuff generated and out to ya.  Until then look for the Sumatra Retro.  Roaster Jill is dialing in the roast as we speak.  We cupped them today and there is still some deep black cherry we want to bring out.  Just 1 to 2 degrees too much.  Look for it in the retail shops soon.