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World Cup Coffee

1740 NW Glisan St.
Portland, OR,
97209 USA
(503) 228-5503

At 5 PM its not all about the coffee at World Cup.  Recently our Sumatran was selected as the coffee to be used in Bridgeport Brewing's new coffee porter Cafe Negro.  Brewmaster Jeff Edgerton sampled many coffees around town and felt the flavor he was looking for came from our Sumatran.  Like World Cup Bridgeport strives to acquire locally.  While Portland loves its coffee and Beer now we can love both. 


We had a great time working with them on the porter.  You can find it in your grocery store shelves and on tap.  So far the reviews have been great.  Check out the local blogs at It's Pub Night and The Daily Pull.  You'll also be able to read more about their release of Kingpin.  Big thanks to Jeff and all at Bridgport.  You can also look for Ken and myself at our Glisan shop enjoying a bottle soon.





After many weeks of work our new shopping cart is up.  Not much of a change really but reflective of the quality of coffee that Jill is sourcing and roasting.  Also, the price increase is reflective of today's elevated market (as noted in an earlier post).  Our customers have to put in a new password, and we did jump the gun on the start with a few admin issues but we are flying now.
Some good ideas have come lately and we'll be working on better shipping packaging and rates as well as programs for regular delivery.  We hope you find this site more user friendly than the last.  It was a necessary clean up.  See you at Coffee Fest Seattle...