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World Cup Coffee

1740 NW Glisan St.
Portland, OR,
97209 USA
(503) 228-5503

 This is a test.

Office coffee in the Portland area has evolved. There are many new options rather than your traditional grind and brew devices. Call Mark or Ken to ask about the options available. World Cup would be pleased to have a Coffee Party to select a new coffee for your office.

Your customers and staff deserve the best. Only a specialty coffee roaster can deliver on that promise. World Cup is the only professional roaster direct delivery to your office. You'll enjoy better quality and pricing in every cup.

Complete your service with our water filtration service. Water is 99% of your beverage so make sure it is the best it can be. Our service department can even run the line to the ice maker if you wish.

The best in service, product and pricing is what you'll get. Thank you for thinking local.

Office Coffee Service in Portland has changed in the decades. Now single cup service is becoming more popular. I'm not talking Aeropress, Chemex or others you see at your favorite specialty shop.  I'm talking machines from Keurig, Cafection and DeJong Duke. These machines are changing the ways some offices serve their clients and staff. Follow the links and learn more and if you are intersted call Ken at our office at 503-228-5503 and we can go over the specifics.


 As I sit on the deck at the Medan Estate I enjoy the tropical rain that is passing over head.  The smell of fermented coffee pulp fills the air like over ripe strawberries.  A gin and tonic would hit the spot but rules dictate no drinking.  Good for my liver bad for the enjoyment.   Little loss on such a great adventure.
I'll be writing about the experience.  Telling of the work of my hosts Aarlie and Larry Hull.  I'll do my best to include pictures to assist in the stories.  It is not meant to cast judgement on colonialization or western influence on the tribes of the region.  For good or bad that is and will happen and can be argued by others.  I plan on just my travel sights and influences and god willing a picture of a few of the birds of paradise that PNG has to offer.
For daily updates like the World Cup Facebook page.\worldcupcoffee.  
If you are wondering what to do this weekend then click on the link above.  Our friends at Portland Roasting are having an event to focus on the lack of a basic resource in many places around the world.  What if you had to wake up and walk three miles for your daily supply of water...DAILY!  We take much for granted and water is one of them. 
Hit the event and learn about water around the world and your own community.  There will be a walk around the water front and east bank across the Steel and Hawthorne bridge.  There is also a 5k run for those in shape or wanting to get in shape.  Fun activities, music...lalala.  Enjoy the weather should be great.

Today at the Glisan shop something special happened.  A guy with a stroller bought a drink for the people in line.  Three behind him but the interesting thing is this was not his first time.  I found out  through a friend in line that he does this often when he comes in.  I don't know his name or why but knowing this is happening brightened my day and I wanted to share it with you. 
We have all heard about this and some may have done this before.  This inspires me to do it as well from time to time.  Would you?

Recently I pressed one of our coffees at home and did a pour over of another at the Glisan shop.  At home I had our Blue Heron.  On first sip the flavor explosion two seconds into the drink was amazing.  I was really pleased with it.  The other was our current El Salvador offering.  The coffee from start to finish was great.  But, it was the spicy tobacco aftertaste that caused me to write a friend that if all cigaretts tasted like this I'd be a smoker. Big pat on the back to our roasters Neil and Ashley!
If you are lucky enough to be in the shop when this is brewing you should try it out.  Get a pour over not a drip unless you are in a hurry.  Otherwise pick up a bag and you'll be quite the happy morning person.
Check out the FB link above for more information on a Holiday Event World Cup's NW 18th & Glisan shop is having next week.  Time to get some goodies for your Thanksgiving dinner.

A big happy birthday to Powell's Dot Com.  Funny that they are having the birthday and you can get the gift.  Check out the link on how to get a free $5 gift card on their home page.  Then you can get your book and go to the World Cup Coffee shop in the Coffee Room to people watch, read, sit & think, watch the cars & peds outside....all with an amazing cuppa coffee from our talented staff.

If you are following the affairs of Hunter then here is any update on his life.  Please continue to give and help.  I know he appreciates anything you can do.  Good karma will come your way.
[UPDATE] For those that sent positive thoughts, prayers, wishes, worked.  We are happy to announce Hunter has now been deemed cancer free for the first time.  Congratulations Hunter.  We are extremely happy for you and your family!
[UPDATE] Hunter's wife has been approved to come into the United States.  For those of you that helped through this site or others thank you.  I know Hunter is extremely greatfull.  There is still much more to be done and you can always continue to support through the FB site.  Thought you'd like to know.
Below this information I'd like you all to pay attention to.  Hunter is an employee of World Cup Coffee and has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.  He has a limited time according to the doctors.  Hunter was recently married in our Glisan cafe.  His wife is from the UK and the US Embassy denied her visa to return to the US to be by Hunter's side during his chemo treatment.
Please take the time to watch the video by KOIN 6 news.  Second, sign the petition!  Its free.  Third, donate anything you can.  Hunter is a great guy and deserves what you can do.  Legal, health and personal expenses are great during this trying time for Hunter and his family.
After that go hug your family, friends, kids, wife...It's easy for us and should be greatly appreciated given the time we are given.